Welcome to my blog! I am so excited to share my creation and inner processing with you ❤ Where to start? Firstly, I love to blog 🙂 Topics include my experiences, processing and evolving thoughts on... my miscarriage grief and trying to conceivenarcissistic experiences [daughter of narcissist]histories of sexual violence and witnessing domestic violence and … Continue reading Welcome

A moment of self compassion

I am working on self compassion with my psychologist, and honestly it is well overdue. I had this moment with/about Wolf Woman recently where I loved on myself with gentleness and self compassion and I wanted to share. *~*~* I have realised that I haven't really gone into who Wolf Woman was, or why she … Continue reading A moment of self compassion

She’s had the baby, and I’m still an asshole

I spoke about my colleague that was pregnant. She's had the baby. Thankfully a beautiful, healthy and happy baby boy. The only details I have are those sent via my principal and/or another colleague she is good friends with. He was born 5:30pm on Tuesday night, and she was very happy to have had a … Continue reading She’s had the baby, and I’m still an asshole

Bubbles. And Water. And undercurrents.

Full disclaimer, this has nothing to do with bubbles, and I think the water / undercurrent metaphor is only mentioned a couple of times. I was just hard enough getting this down into sentences, that there was no space left for witty and meaningful titles. But the picture is cute... so that counts right?


I am feeling so good I just wanted to update everyone on my life's wonderful-ness! Mental Health:- I am looking at changing my mental health care plan; change up the meds and the expectations of myself, and chart a new way forward. Incidentally a huge thanks to this amazing blog for offering hope and education … Continue reading Wonderfulness