So why RaeRaeReal ?

q. SO why RaeRaeReal? Valid question. a. It's not my real name - ironic, I know. In not being my real name I hope for some level of anonymity. Not for fear of anything I say; because I am always open to hearing about other people's perspectives and experiences of my writing. But because if … Continue reading So why RaeRaeReal ?


the powers that be. and the ego.

So I have literally just got back from a wonderful talk by an absolutely gorgeous channeller, Rebecca Dawson. Check her out, she is legit awesome and awesomely legit! And I'm in the room with all of these spiritual people. Most with a lot more life experience then me. Totally more spirit knowledge... whatever that may … Continue reading the powers that be. and the ego.

The Psychopath I Couldn’t Save You From

I know you wanted us to save you. You wanted us to stand there and say NO. You wanted us there when he hurt you. Repeatedly. You wanted truth. Or trust. Or anything else. When he is trying to kill you.   Believe me, we wanted to save you. But you and I both know … Continue reading The Psychopath I Couldn’t Save You From