More breakups. Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

Bitchy Boss. [BB]. i don’t like you. I actively dislike you.

I hate the charade about your impermeability.

I hate how you do not apologise when you are called out.

I hate how you expect everyone to do way more than you pay them for.

I hate your cult following.

I hate how you don’t praise or commend your staff.

I hate how you don’t confront or performance manage under performers. You just bitch about them to anyone that will listen.

I hate that when I told you I was at breaking point – you pointed out all my flaws and how I was already broken.

I hate how I voluntarily passed on everything I knew about all the intricacies of the community. It would have been interesting to see you try and back peddle and bullshit when you didn’t have fore-warning.

I hate how you are pressuring my friend and fellow colleague to employ a “house helper” because the family is sick, stressed and doing the best that they can. HOW DARE YOU?!

Following on from that – I hate how you make sickness and illness a “them” problem and not a business problem. If people take a sick day, or carers day, or bereavement leave – that’s up to them. The workload at work whilst they are away is your problem. For sure – look at the incredibly stressful environment and see if that is contributing. But how dare you even suggest family management strategies to people you don’t understand (or you’d see how offensive it is to expect them to pay more then they earn for someone to do work they don’t need doing).

I hate how you and I were never on same page. Despite emails and talks. Despite me running everything by you. I was still cut short. Promises broken. “I clearly never meant that“.

I hate how you don’t have the balls to tell staff what you actually think of them. And their job. No. You deliberately change their position and title. Restructure the whole organisation. Put the ‘company’ into significant financial strain – because you can’t face the problems these people are causing. AND THEN YOU LIE TO THEM.

I honestly believe it has been about you and your career. What suits you best right now. Good. Great. There has been some positive changes. But that’s not hard. It was a shit hole.

Who budgets for themselves to have so much “Professional Development” every single year. And then, “it’s really a bit too much for me to take in fully”… so send someone else. You know, someone who won’t leave in the next 3 years when her kids have left high school.

A work colleague was told that she most probably had cancer – which is why she was in infinite pain just to walk. She kept coming to work. Because we already know how shit you are at being okay with people taking a sick day. But that wasn’t good enough- because she wasn’t focused enough when she was here [told that her life could be coming to a swift end, how dare she not perform at her peak]. Have a day off because the diagnosis needs to get sorted, with specialists and such… still not good enough. She needs to come back to work.

I’m done drinking your cool-aide. No more favours. No more information feeding. No more. Goodbye BB. I’m glad we’re done.

And one last thing.

Screw you.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
Wolf in sheep’s clothing.



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