To publish or not.

A buddy of mine asked me if I was going to publish my blog. To be honest, I thought the 'publish' button on the left had side was publishing it. But she meant sourcing other platforms to publish my convoluted verbal unload. And this made me think.   Right at this point in time, I have … Continue reading To publish or not.


Pop Music. Lyrics. Part 2: Flourishing.

Continuing on this pop-music induced soul search.  And Jess Glynne reminds me... and i NEED the whole song here, because it is just SO beautiful... listen to it. Now. SO perfect! "Don't Be So Hard On Yourself" I came here with a broken heart that no one else could see I drew a smile … Continue reading Pop Music. Lyrics. Part 2: Flourishing.

Periods after miscarriage.

No-one tells you about miscarriages. About the gut-wrenching soul-destroying pain of miscarriages. And no-one EVER talks about the periods you get after miscarriages. How this blood reminds me of that blood. And that blood was really sad. That blood was my baby dying. And this blood reminds me that that baby died. And that there … Continue reading Periods after miscarriage.

Trying to conceive. And isolation.

  I feel so incredibly isolated during this "trying to conceive" phase of my world. I am overanalysing every movement, every gesture, every fluid, every excretion, every feeling, every symptom... every thing. And it's something that only I can feel. I can't get second opinions on this. No-one can tell me if this feels *exactly* … Continue reading Trying to conceive. And isolation.

Psychopath and the legal system.

So I'm at a place in my world where my family is going to court against a psychopath. I am having to place all of my hope and trust in a system that is designed to see the light and goodness and hope in people... when in all seriousness, there isn't a huge amount of that … Continue reading Psychopath and the legal system.