To publish or not.

A buddy of mine asked me if I was going to publish my blog.

To be honest, I thought the ‘publish’ button on the left had side was publishing it.

But she meant sourcing other platforms to publish my convoluted verbal unload.

And this made me think.


Right at this point in time, I have no intention of publishing my blog.

What works in my favour with that view – is that I write (and rage) about a whole range of topics. Yoga, teaching, pregnancy, miscarriage, narcissism, psychopath, death, spirituality. A whole manner of such things.

And I don’t think that it is marketable like that.

Which neither worries nor excites me… it just is.

And it is the way I want it to be.

I want to express different parts of myself and my day. And acknowledge all the multifaceted spheres in my life. So luckily, I don’t think there is a market out there for “internal mush of weird white chick”. And that is kind’a cool.


I have done so much work with myself getting out of the ‘for financial gain’ reasoning. Can I do this art course? Sure, if it means I have sell art to the value of double the price of the course. Can I do this education course? Sure, if it means I am guaranteed an income for the next 100 years… Can I paint a picture? Sure, if it is seen as practice towards actual purchase-able pieces.

And as soon as money is externally placed on creation and expression it changes it. Possibly. For some people.

I’m also mindful that it might make me want to write things that get more likes or comments or shares. And then I’m just searching for external recognition. Less swear. Okay. More about yoga. Less about blood. Possibly… naturally it’s all possibly, because it has not happened. But who says those things? Who says more or less? Why can’t this expression be perfect for what it is, right now?

And I say this with love, and full understanding that a huge amount of authors write incredibly beautiful pieces straight from their heart. And I’m sure that most authors see money as a by-product of their perspectives and writings. Which is so wonderful! The way it should be!

For me, I just would be concerned about my attachment to the numbers, the validation from external people… when this whole blog for me is about being internal. Expression my wholeness as I comprehend it right at this point in time.

So not.

Come readers, from Saudi Arabia, Canada, United States, Australia, South Africa… wherever you are, come as you are. I thank you for being here. And seeing this, and seeing me, in a somewhat authentic space on a somewhat authentic platform.


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