Spirits and Books and books-about-spirits.

I have this voodoo thingy where I don't talk about good stuff that is happening until after they've come to fruition... It's totally a reference to nm and such conditioning... but maybe it's time to step through that discomfort. So here goes. TTC I am totally trying - trying... like full hard out Trying-To-Conceive. After a … Continue reading Spirits and Books and books-about-spirits.


Why is enlightenment all different shades of blur?

This yoga teacher was not a modern day guru... rather she is an incredibly successful business woman. She has a very loyal clientele base, with wonderful attendance at all sorts of overpriced retreats, catch ups, courses, functions and information nights.

Oh there’s the rollercoaster of TTC

Pulsating. I'm feeling pulsating!! And I haven't felt pulsating in months! From the right side. In case you were wondering. Does it mean anything that it was the 'right' side, and not the left? - because now it sounds like the right side, as in the correct side. Hmmmm And my cat just came and lay on … Continue reading Oh there’s the rollercoaster of TTC

Trying to conceive and the epic self doubt & guilt already! 

Not pregnant. So in my world view it is possible to talk to me future children. And in that world view, other people have. I have. Once. I freaking spoke to my Baby. And he answered. And he was perfect and amazing and just so perfect (yes, I know I already said perfect. He just … Continue reading Trying to conceive and the epic self doubt & guilt already! 

 just a dream …

I feel weird stabbing pain just at writing that title. Just a dream... That's what it is starting to feel like. Or actually that's what the sudden realisation that I just had - is about. *Cue eye leakage* I don't remember what it was like to be pregnant anymore. I don't remember the thoughts about … Continue reading  just a dream …

Just (more) venting

So I just need to express this. I am so open with my yoga stuff. When I make an awesome visual display of notes or concepts, I share it. When I create an epically awesome template of all our dates and assignments, I share it. Good resources, websites, perspectives, shortcuts, synthesises... shared! So it actually shits … Continue reading Just (more) venting