Just (more) venting

So I just need to express this.

I am so open with my yoga stuff.

When I make an awesome visual display of notes or concepts, I share it.
When I create an epically awesome template of all our dates and assignments, I share it.
Good resources, websites, perspectives, shortcuts, synthesises… shared!

So it actually shits me so much when people don’t tell me stuff… like… I don’t know… when an assignment is due!!

I was with my dying Nanna when they were told. Literally. Not even trying for a sob story here.

And no-one thought to pass that on??

The other thing that is shitting me no end is that I bloody emailed the teacher about the assignment and the missed classes (because the assignment was based on the classes I missed). I genuinely thought that I had two months or something. So I emailed the teacher asking if we could catch up in the next week, so that I had the info for the assignment, but then it wasn’t due until October so I guess there was no hurry... I emailed that to her. I’m just not sure how hard it would have been to be like, Oh, that’s wrong, it’s this weekend.

And who has two assignments due on the same day – when previously, as in the last 18 months previously, we’ve only ever had one assignment due per class!


And there is a facebook group.

And granted, I’m not / wasn’t on facebook….

But why bitch about the timetable being wrong and not freaking tell me?
(They all knew I wasn’t on the fb group)

Why see a discrepancy and not tell me??

It doesn’t even have to be confrontational… Which it wouldn’t be anyway… Just a “oh, hey, I had a different date to you, let’s investigate“… Even as confrontational as possible would have been more helpful “no stupid Raeraereal, you’re wrong, you suck, don’t even email me again“. Still more helpful than the silence.


So super shitty with this.


And I have a stupid assignment that I thought I literally had two more months to do, due tomorrow. Yay. [Sarcasm]



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