Dear my fellow yogis…

I had my “practical” assessment for my yogic studies.

Through my Nanna dying, and every trauma button being pressed, with a side of epic virus & bacterial infection, I was fairly flattened. I was surrendered. I had no fucks left to give. And sometimes that is a beautiful place to be.

This Practical was happening whether I raged against it or not. Whether I was ready or not.

The Practical was a collective effort of my fellow yogic buddies, as we presented a class together. It was my job to begin the class. Lead the intention setting, the pranayama, the om (as per my yoga school’s tradition), and the pre-warm up.

But I took it very seriously. This 10 minute section of a class.

The following was pretty much channelled.
I sat down and wrote it.
I edited it for my memory’s purpose, but below is the essence of what I wrote.
I wrote it for my second years (my study group) and for the first years (the next group, who participated for our feedback and experience).


Dear Fellow Yogi’s 

Finding a comfortable seat, because we’re going to be here for a while 🙂 

A bit of house keeping, if it gets awkward, GreeceYogi will make fart noises to help lighten the load, so thank you GreeceYogi. [Only a few chuckles here, tough crowd!!] And Teachers’Pets will lead us in our Om because I do not have the voice at the moment, so thank you Teachers’Pets. 

Usually in class we do pranayama before intention setting, and today I’d like to deliberately change that. Tantric philosophy, part of our lineage, honours the taboo of changes the norm, with the expectation that we are present during these changes of the usual. But I digress. So I invite you to be present with me now, as I change the order on purpose. 

Raman Maharshi said “Your own Self-Realisation is the greatest service you can render the world”

Another way to conceptualise Self-Realisation is yoga.
Yoga as in the cessations of the fluctuations of the mind.

Yoga as union between mind, body and soul.
Yoga as union between the self, and the whole universe. 

So I’d like to substitute that quote slightly. 

Your own YOGA is the greatest service you can render the world. 

And with that idea, if this resonates, instead of offering an intention, I’d like to invite you to offer a dedication. 

And I’d like to invite you to dedicate your practice to the beautiful yogis up here, the second years. Who, today are really putting themselves out there, in service of self, of you and the universe.

I’d like to invite you to join me in honouring the gorgeousness and divinity within these amazing yogis, as they present their best efforts, despite how much much nervous poo and internal vomiting they’ve released in the last hour or two. 

And as we are honouring them, and dedicating our practice to their goodness, maybe, if that feels okay for today, maybe you could offer that same love, awe, and compassion to yourself. For your innate gorgeousness and sparkling divinity.This amazingness you will see in these amazing teachers, is already within you. Just as your amazingness, is inside of us.  We are all one. 

Please take a moment to dedicate your practice. 

Our pranayama today is going to complement this. 

For our pranayama we are going to inhale through our heart centre, our heart, and up to the crown of our head. Our exhale is going to expand infinitely beyond the crown of our head. 

Let us find the crown of our head. 

Put the palm of your hand against the bridge of your nose, wrap your fingers around the top of your head. Press into the tip of your middle finger [now on the top of your head]. That is roughly the physical manifestation of the crown chakra. This is the point we’re going to be exhaling through. So, if at any time you find yourself distracted, please feel free to come back to this point and physically feel it here. 

Our hands are going to hold the mudra of pointer finger bowing to our thumb, in the way that our ego bows to our highest, most divine self; our ego bowing to the whole entire universe.

Inhale, through the heart to the top of the crown. 
Exhale, expand infinitely. 

Inhale, through the heart to the top of the crown. 
Exhale, expand infinitely. 

On the next inhale, you might like to add the mantra, silently to yourself, Sut and Yum for the exhale

Inhale, sutt 
Exhale,  yumm

Inhale, sutt 
Exhale,  yumm

On your next exhale, you might like to direct your exhale to the front of the room, to encompass the second years, to further support our dedication.

Inhale, sutt 
Exhale,  yumm

Letting go of that practice now, and giving yourself permission to sit in this energy.
This is you. And you are even more than this. 

– [gentle stretches] –

Slowly releasing your right ear to right shoulder;
raise our left arm, parallel to the ground, and gently, consciously lowering it to the ground if you would like a deeper stretch. 

Releasing your arm down, and your head back to centre. 

Changing sides now, left ear to left shoulder. Raising your right arm if you did so on the previous side, or if it just feels right for this side.

Releasing arm down, and your head back to centre. 

Coming over to our hands and feet, moving forward as if our belly button is drawing a straight line. 

Circling now, creating big circles, warming up the synovial joints in our hips, knees, shoulders and wrists. 

Where is your breath? 

I invite you to create cycling movements, inhale half circle to the front. Exhale half circle back. Continuing this. Inhale – circle forward. Exhale – circle back. Inhale circle forward, this time, exhale change directions, circle back the other way. Inhale circle forward. Exhale, circle back. Change direction, and change direction. 

Release down into child’s pose. 

Remembering that you are already perfect. You are perfection. Right now. If you need child’s pose, at any time, it is here for you. No comparisons or explanations needed. No pushing past pain or your limits. Honouring yourself, and that that might include a child’s pose or two.


People said they saw me shift into the power of unlimited potential.

People cried because it was so beautiful!

I got a space to share my perspective on the yoga philosophy… And people listened. I held the energy of the room (even for the short period of time). It was awesome! It was like a transition into power; a (mostly) seamless(ish) transition. 🙂

People were commenting on my authenticity and how the talk was from the heart, and relevant and meaningful… and that in itself was so affirming – to have others see in me the things I value, aim and strive for.

And my attachment definitely isn’t to yoga, although I appreciate the space it enabled me to go into, and the context of this particular experience. My attachment is totally to owning that power and holding it.

And I can’t believe how little ego there was… like, I’m pretty sure I have one of the biggest egos on the planet!! And it was still totally nice hearing other people say nice things about me 🙂 🙂 🙂 But the pull wasn’t an ego pull,  and that was super special!

And that was the letter to my fellow yogis.


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