New Name.

Hello to all of those playing at home! (a.k.a. any regulars 🙂 ) I've changed my blog address and user name. Galaxy Girl. Found at I'll explain more soon, but right now I'm running late for workies!   Happy Monday. Happy Halloween. Happy Samhain (Northern Hemisphere). Happy Beltane (Southern Hemisphere). Happy New Moon. Happy … Continue reading New Name.


The job interview, for the job I’m not sure I applied for. And questions.

Red flags. A school that I have worked at casually offered an "information night" for possible positions that may be available for the new school year.So I rocked up to the information night, and it was actually group interview (!). The 'advertisement' on Facebook (!) said that it was middle to upper primary. It was … Continue reading The job interview, for the job I’m not sure I applied for. And questions.

I see you friend, and the illuminating light you have inside.

And I see how you begin - starting out at this incredibly painful, ridiculously scary and incredibly overwhelming experience. This thing that no-one has told you about. This thing that clearly wasn't on the agenda or prospective life plan. This thing that was purposefully left off the life agenda. This thing.

Processing. Part 2. Pregnancies. Other. People’s. Pregnancies.

I asked someone how their baby-making was going; only to highlight how freaking annoying it's been for the past - however long- she's been messaging me, asking me constantly. I only asked her to inflict some form of pain awareness. I did not, I repeat, I DID NOT want to know that she was 20 weeks pregnant!