Things I could be doing right now…

  1. Washing my dog.
    1. He had a horrific experience at the vet’s last night, wet himself, then lay in it. Because, like, of course.
    2. A different dog to the one I mentioned in previous posts, for those playing along at home.
    3. Going to another vet, but this time just for purpose-training. We have to train my dog to be okay with going to a vet – because it was so traumatic. Grrr! That’s me growling. Not my dog.
    4. Vets should be able to accomodate nervous dogs. They’re vets! But not behaviouralists, to be fair…
  2. Wash my car.
    1. Said dog. Said dog wee. In car.
  3. Finish my blog post about some of the trains running at full speed through my head.
    1. I’ll get there.
  4. The washing. Or any house work actually. Or all the housework actually. Hmmm
    1. washing,
    2. dishes,
    3. sweeping,
    4. vacuuming
    5. bin-emptying
    6. bed making
    7. dinner making
    8. bill paying,
    9. lol – jk, it’d be lucky if I even just sorted the bills… let alone paid some
  5. Email a school – they haven’t paid me for two days. I’d like to get paid for those days. Then we could pay bills…
  6. Call the hospital. Appointments and pre-appointments need to be made. Forms need to be filled out.
    1. All the anatomy and physiology stuff. In preparation for the study group I have in two days…
    2. All the whole entire course stuff.
    3. The sun-salutes. For some reason, I really want to get these down pat in my brain!
  8. Apply for provisional membership to overarching yoga governing body.
  9. Enrol in the specific first aid course needed for provisional membership to overarching yoga governing body.
  10. Apply for jobs. Because like, whatever.
  11. Read, for the pure pleasure of it.
  12. Art, for the awesomeness of that too.
  13. Watering my garden… it’s been hot.
  14. Writing a well articulated response to a person’s post, that I really disagreed with…
  15. Watch some really interesting documentaries. I LOVE documentaries.
  16. Go through and grammar check all my other posts.
  17. Go through and grammar check this post.

But instead I’ll write this list, and check out Facebook again.

Did I tell you I’m back on Facebook? I am. It’s a thing. A not good thing. A thing that will be changed shortly. Probably. Oh Facebook addiction, I have not missed you. 😥

Also – this was supposed to be about me detaching from the world -rather than Facebook. I’m mindful that I am not being as productive as I would like.



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