Bitchface and her Christmas fuckary.

Unfortunately Bitchface is not reference to some deep inner lost part of my psyche. I repeat: is not. She is a person in my fucking family. This is not an existential deep-and-meaningful exploration. This is pure raging.


Small gentle shifts.

It's been a process. A deep but mostly gentle process (over the last few days). Compared to this last 6 months which has been brutal as fuck. Side note. And the most exciting thing, was that I got to a place of complete trust and faith, and inner knowing! My marker (proof) was when I saw a dad feeding his little person on Friday.

Art Journalling and Art Healing. Pre-Start. And hating it.

So by pure fluke, as all good things seem to be, I've joined an art journaling group for people wanting and wishing for a baby. It is facilitated by Ishara from Fertility Dreaming. And what a freaking intense journey it is. So we got a link to the page with the first video instructions. I … Continue reading Art Journalling and Art Healing. Pre-Start. And hating it.