Are you happy now?

All the people that told me to calm down, to relax, to stop trying, to be all of these other things that I wasn’t… Are you happy now? 

Because I am. But worse. Worse than calm, or relaxed or not trying… I’m indifferent. And honestly, I hate that.

I’m in the 2WW (Two week wait: between ovulation and period) and instead of excitement, anticipation, dread, hope, fear –> literally any feeling or emotion that would show that this is real… I have indifference and detachment.

So according to all the overzealous fucktards that so easily such “helpful” advice… I should be pregnant in two seconds flat.

Except I’m not.

And this is easily the second cycle of indifference.

But don’t worry fucktards, I know your game. The blame will start on something else. Think positive. Have a green Veggie Juice. Sleep more. Get up earlier. Whatever, whatever, what-the-fuck-ever.

Even though the excitement may have been foolish, and the desperation was intense… it  was such a beautiful journey. How beautiful to be excited about new life?! How precious!

So if fucktards would please go visualise a stick up your arse… that would be great.


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