Small gentle shifts.

I want to share the space I’ve been in lately…

So I’ve been art-journal-ing, deep thinking, and kinesiology-ing.

It’s been a process. A deep but mostly gentle process (over the last few days). Compared to this last 6 months which has been brutal as fuck. Side note.

And the most exciting thing, was that I got to a place of complete trust and faith, and inner knowing!

My marker (proof) was when I saw a dad feeding his little person on Friday. I felt light (rather than the heaviness of grief and/or jealousy). I felt this inner gentle joy thing, like an inner knowing that Baby was coming. And it was all OK.

The intensity, and urgency was stepped down. A lot.

And that is just such a beautiful thing to experience, and hold onto.

On Sunday I had a bad experience when I asked for compassion and understanding (regarding a yoga assignment and the timing of surgery), and that was really yukky…

And today I spoke to the hospital and the pre admissions team regarding surgery. Which is fine. They were lovely and helpful etc etc, but it is just incredibly overwhelming. It’s daunting and new and all about letting go…

I’m trying not to analyse it too much, rather just experience the emotions and tears. And let go of whatever if I can think of it in the moment. And I think that’s kinda beautiful. And admirable (if I do say so myself, lol).

Join me friends, with the tears. Where darkness meets light, or the light permeates the darkness… or somehow a complicated mix of the two. Heaven knows we’ve all got the tears this week!

I think we just might be OK. Tears and all.


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