Lonliness and connection

I want to start this by stating very clearly that I have the world's most amazing husband. He is so ridiculously supportive, indulgently hilarious, incredibly heart warming and just a general-all-round-nice-guy. This is not about that. This loneliness thing goes deeper than that. Which seems to be a pretty rude / mean┬áthing to say! I … Continue reading Lonliness and connection


Stars aligning and minor details.

Sometimes all the stars align for a miraculous moment or two ... and it means absolutely nothing. But that's a minor detail! ­čÖé I have just spent the last 90 minutes watching baby-reveals on Youtube. On repeat. Repeatedly. Surprising grandparents, surprising (new) aunties and uncles, surprising dads, and most amazingly... surprising mummies!! Seriously google that!! … Continue reading Stars aligning and minor details.

Post surgery follow up appointment

Trigger warning. This discusses rape. So, like...  Pain. The same pain as before the surgery. The surgery that was supposed to remove the pain. That surgery. Same pain.  "Could develop into infertility. So then there isn't much that can be done now." This is my life. What do you mean, not much you can do?!! … Continue reading Post surgery follow up appointment

Art Journaling [5]: Council of Selves

Invocation of all the parts of me. To start off I had some key players come in. Galaxy Woman to the left. Grandfather tree to the right. Then I started from the centre. Tree of life. Deeply rooted into the earth. Effortlessly expressive branches into the ether. Surrounded by the galaxy. The whole entire galaxy. … Continue reading Art Journaling [5]: Council of Selves