Art Journaling [5]: Council of Selves

Invocation of all the parts of me.


To start off I had some key players come in.

Galaxy Woman to the left. Grandfather tree to the right.

Then I started from the centre.

Tree of life.
Deeply rooted into the earth.
Effortlessly expressive branches into the ether.

Surrounded by the galaxy.
The whole entire galaxy.

With some feathers and beads.
Magic and spirit.

Mother Wolf was there.
Howling. Calling.

Engulfed by the full moon.
Revealing. Enlightening. Comforting.

Around the moon danced love hearts and energy bubbles.
A testament to a younger self.

Encircled by petals.
Wisdom petals.
Blooming petals.

Supported by Grandmother’s knowing.
Held. Supported. Safe. Wise.


The journalling


  1. The declaration. I am getting ready to welcome a baby spirit into my heart.
  2. Who is my ally?
    Surprisingly, it was Young Self. With her love and energy. Her gentleness and sincerity. Her compassion and connection (to life, love and the other side).

    The words that came up were playfulness, you, happiness, heart centred connection, joy, love, heart, flow

  3. Who has any concerns?
    Also (surprisingly) it was Young Self, again.

    The first thing that came up was “good-enoughness” as well as fear apprehension, uncertainty, and a bit of a hurt little girl. A bit of a cautious, watching, learning Young Self.

  4. Who else has concerns? What sensations
    Mother Wolf came up, but she was more Kaayla, maiden-wolf.

    The sensation of the body came through.
    My right ovary. My belly.
    My body, physically was a concern for Kaayla.

  5. There was a question, that I can’t remember. But I know the answer.
    I have this image of my skype-ing my buddy, holding this gorgeous baby.
    It came out as a love heart.

    There was just this joy, love and pure happiness in that image.
    It was a feeling image. A living image.

  6. Have I understood? Is there anything else?

    My belly button was pulsating.

    The umbilical cord.

    I am connected.

    I am nourished.

    I am supported.

    I am love.

    And so it is.


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