Stars aligning and minor details.

Sometimes all the stars align for a miraculous moment or two … and it means absolutely nothing. But that’s a minor detail! 🙂

I have just spent the last 90 minutes watching baby-reveals on Youtube.

On repeat.


Surprising grandparents, surprising (new) aunties and uncles, surprising dads, and most amazingly… surprising mummies!!

Seriously google that!! Two daddies got in before their other halves. omg. OMG!!

My husband walked in at the most inappropriate time… after watching 3 triplet videos, and 2 videos where the dad revealed to the mum… and he is like, “we’re going to have a really hard time sleeping now!” *really excited face*

In hindsight, as much as timing and omens and stars aligning go… that was a pretty shitty false alarm!

He shows me two fingers.


Wait, no… that’s not possible.

He showed me three more.


[I actually flashed for a second and thought I was having 5 babies]

Slowly I began letting some form of rational thought back in… Slowly. You can’t rush these things. I don’t think he’d know. Wait… he couldn’t know. Definitely not how many babies.

Maybe this wasn’t baby related??

Then slowly more “rational” thoughts seeped in… we’d won lotto.

He told me a few days ago about a gorgeous family who hadn’t been able to sleep all night (for three nights) since their lotto win. A big lotto win. THEN today we had another talk about the lotto jackpot-ing, and his thoughts when he bought a ticket…

So like, me being pregnant with 5 babies was slightly less logical than my husband knowing I was pregnant before I knew (and also in a month where we haven’t had sex… but like, minor detail, right)… so then… the next logical thought was that we’d won lotto.

And maybe we’d won 5 million or like 23 million or … I could be not-so-self-indulgent and still celebrate 23 thousand or 23 hundred…

OMG! Winning lotto!!


… but no…



The rank he was in a game that he is super in to.


My husband is a dag!

A dag, with absolutely no idea the emotional rollercoaster I just went on in the three to five nanoseconds it took him between showing me the 23, and saying ‘rank’.

Poor guy! hahaha

Poor me! (With love and humour rather than self pity)

What a journey this is.


So not pregnant. Totally not pregnant. And that’s okay.


Side note. It’s really beautiful seeing all the deeply wanted babies on youtube. That’s really special. And brutal. But mostly special.




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