Lonliness and connection

I want to start this by stating very clearly that I have the world’s most amazing husband. He is so ridiculously supportive, indulgently hilarious, incredibly heart warming and just a general-all-round-nice-guy. This is not about that.

This loneliness thing goes deeper than that.
Which seems to be a pretty rude / mean thing to say!
I mean it in this very real, deeply authentic way…


And I think the loneliness, in part, is this deep longing for complete and utter connection.
Connection with humanity.
Connection with the wildness and wilderness.
Connection with self and Self and others and home.
Connection with every living thing that ever existed.
Connection with every predator, every prey.
Connection with every thought, every dream, every fear.
Connection with every action, pre-cursor, consequence and culmination of that action.
Connection with every justification for every single thing that ever happened.
Connection with every reason, motivation and provocation.
Connection with every construct ever constructed.
Connection with every movement ever motioned.
Connection with every pain ever inflicted, every sadness ever wept for, every love ever longed for.
Connection with every feeling ever felt to the depth and core of human experience; deeply and truely felt.
Connection with every potential, partially realised, fully realised, or not realised at all.
Connection with every dimension, seen and unseen.
Connection with every element, force, magic entanglement and musical thread whispered through the air.
Connection with every shadow, and every darkness.
Connection with every light.
Connection with life beyond life. And death beyond death.
– To a time and place of no time, nor place.
Connection with the entire planet;
Connection with the whole galaxy.
Connection with the whole entire universe.

I am so desperately lonely.

My soul is singing me home to a place that I can’t find, and don’t recognise.

I am craving that.


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