Things that I love

I *LOVE* coincidences and weird mind bending stories. I love reading books about angels and visitations and dead-people-messages. I love hearing about miracles. I love them because I don’t believe in coincidences, so for me, they are just little snippets of wonder fluttering around in the ether.

I *LOVE* that I have two incredibly special friends (you know who you are Empathetic Angel and Healing Angel) that get me. And get me super deeply and authentically. I love that they can be totally real with me, and I can be totally raw with them. It felt like a lifetime of waiting to be “got” or understood… and so it’s nice to take a step back and actually appreciate the goodness that they bring into my world. So much yummy fuzzy goodness!

I *LOVE* that I can do this blog. That people are reading it. That people are engaging with it!! Who knew that was even possible, let alone probable, let along actually happening! Thank you! I love you! I love that I can be me, in all my different coloured bad moods and random tidbit of insight, all mushed into one. I love that I can be completely honest here. What an incredible gift!

I *LOVE* that blogging has opened me up to other people’s blogs! And I really like that! I love reading about other people’s stories. It is really humbling and awe-inspiring that I can connect with what someone is saying even though they are from the other side of the planet. How special is that!

I *LOVE* people and humanity and the complexity of it all. I love the intricacies and interplays.

I *LOVE* that I have people and modalities and such that I can, and do go towards for healing. At the moment my big thing is Kinesiology. And like, I love that! How special is it, that I get to reach out to things that resonate with me for like – the joy and love of it.

I *LOVE* healing

I *LOVE* Channellings. Like, I had a channelling done a month ago. She records them, and I just listen to it again, and it fills my heart right back up again, repeatedly. How yummy!!

I *LOVE* that I am financially secure enough to pursue my interests and healing things and life things. See previous point 🙂 I think that that is a privilege that I really need to acknowledge more.

I *LOVE* books. How amazing are books! And knowledge.

I *LOVE* that I am going back into the classroom this year 🙂 I love that it is going to be with little-er people than I have worked with in the past. I am really excited!

I *LOVE* art. And art journalling.

I *LOVE* imagining babies. Growing babies. Pink lines on special white sticks. Blood test confirmation at the doctors… I love imaging it all. (It does get intense, and no-doubts it will all be documented here, but right now [within the 2WW] it’s nice to just imagine it all.

I *LOVE* my handsome husband, and his ridiculously hilarious sense of humour. I love how he can drive me insane and be funny at the same time, in the same breath! Not that easy to do! 🙂 I love what a good guy he is. I love his heart. I love his gentleness. I love his integrity. I love that he loves me!

I *LOVE* all the research that is out there, and all the truth that is being discovered about us, and humans, and humanity. About connection and life and love. I love learning about how the brain works and assimilates knowledge, and how it’s hardwired for people. I love that. I love psychology… but more than that. I love the developments we are making towards our understanding of humans.

I *LOVE* where I am at in life. It’s been a big journey to get to right *here*. And I’m super proud of all the tiny little things I have done… as well as all of the massive stuff too. It just seems kind of amazing!

I *LOVE* the bushland, right outside my window. I’m not sure why it was not deemed appropriate to build upon. This tiny strip of perfection. But I’m glad the decision was made. For however long. Ages hopefully. I love sitting here at my desk, watching the gorgeousness of the bush. (Whist being cool and dry and comfy inside 😀 hehehe) I love bush walks too – and I love the cooler weather that hides the snakes away! 🙂

I *LOVE* my interest in the things that interest me. I love my passion in my passions.

I *LOVE* that life intrigues me.


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