I am under no obligation to make sense to you

Please don’t get me wrong. I love that you are here.

I am excited, and I invite you to witness and engage as you feel so drawn to do.

But I am drawing the line at what is my responsibility, and what is yours.

My intention

This blog is about owning and honouring myself. Deeply and completely. In my entirety. Thus the purpose of this blog is to share my ideas, perspectives and thoughts. I think about, reflect upon and process life through my blog. Which could be why a disproprotionate amount of posts are on the intense/sad side? Not sure.

I am not selling anything. I am not recommending anything. I am expressing myself.
I am not perfect; and I do not claim to be.

My totality is sacred to me. So sacred that only 3 of my friends know of my blog. 3 people that I trust deeply and completely – with my entirety. I value this space as a space for me to be open, more so than I find possible in daily life.

I do not apologise for what I have posted here.

Your responsibility

If you are uncomfortable about anything I write about, if you are re-triggered in any way… it is your responsibility to look after yourself, and unfollow me.



I have made no claims to any labels of infertility. I am not an advocate of infertile experiences. I do not speak for anyone else. I only speak for myself, on all things. I have struggled to fall pregnant and grieved deeply for my lost baby. I can empathise with others on the shitty, heartbreaking, lonely, uncertain, and incredibly emotional journey of trying to conceive. Absolutely including people labelled as infertile. Am I infertile? No – that is not a label I have applied to myself.

My world, as I’ve written before, has expanded to include a pregnancy. As this expansion has happened, naturally, my concerns, life questions and pondering have expanded to include and encompass this growing baby. I don’t know how long I will be pregnant for, although I desperately hope and crave that it will be a healthy full term pregnancy with a healthy take-home baby at the end. I have not forgotten my struggles, of a few weeks ago. I have not forgotten the pain. If anything I am still carrying it around; daily – it is just packaged differently into baby-related anxieties.

I completely understand how gut-wrenching, and plain sickening it is when other people are pregnant. I have written here about some of my darkest, unhelpful, completely-un-socially-acceptable-jealousy/rage/pain. I get it.

If my expression is creating that reaction for you, then please take care of yourself, and unfollow me.

But please do not project your pain onto me.

As I said, I don’t know how long I will be pregnant for. So it is my intention of honouring myself, and this growing life whilst I have the opportunity to do so – by experiencing it fully. Warts and all. Tears, emotions, irrationality, overthinking, and all. I honour this profound human experience through my authenticity. And for that, I do not apologise. I do however acknowledge that this will be hard for a decent proportion of my readers. I would like to invite you to my very new blog, specifically about babies: Completely Baby. Please be aware that this blog, Galaxy Girl, will still contain references to babies and pregnancies. Because that is a part of my totality.


World View

I see the world differently. Differently, at least, to the people I seem to have around me most of the time.

I do not subscribe to the monolithic misogynistic (my perspective) geopolitical structures of present world religions and political systems. And I call bullshit on a lot of the “new-age” stuff that is glorified victim-blaming and shaming.

I wholeheartedly and passionately defend your right to practice your own religions and beliefs. Whatever they are. I am incredibly interested in other religions and belief systems – and honour that they are sacred in their sacredness to you.

I also acknowledge that my views may seem offensive or contradictory to other people’s religions and spiritual beliefs. Again, if this is you, please look after yourself, and unfollow me.

I value my interpretations and understanding in the way I comprehend the world. Does it make sense all the time? No! Do I still get confused / lost / scared / angry? All the time. Have you read my blog 🙂 But I interpret the world and my experiences through my own worldview lens. And for that, I make no apologies.



As avid readers will already know, my past has included systematic and overt systems to silence me. My abuse has been denied, belittled, and laughed at. I have fought to be believed, and found solace in those that saw it before I could express it.

I have spent my whole life fighting to be heard.

I will not be silenced.

I will talk about babies, pregnancies, spirits, angels, teaching, education, children, philosophy, husbands, family, friends, dying people, abuse, C-PTSD, narcissistic abuse, and probably a whole lot more.


Welcome friend.

I invite you to join me. If it is emotionally safe for you to do so. On this convoluted and complex journey. As I am possibly uniformed, totally likely to change my mind, and guaranteed to make mistakes… but completely and unapologetically real.

With love, and respect.
For your preciousness, and my own.



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