Sunday thoughts, and saving the world

I feel this massive, irrational and unexplainably urgent urge to complete change the whole system. I get frustrated when I haven’t accomplished… like… world peace… by 4pm on a Sunday.

Like, I don’t think the world is working how it is.
I think there is SO much pain. And so much devastation. I imagine it as if the Earth itself is crying, weeping for it’s loss. Loss of what I’m not entirely sure. Perhaps connection? Truth? Raw unadulterated experience? Genuine primal power? Love? Compassion? All and more?

I also know that there are phenomenal examples of incredible human beings doing profound things. Totally, and unequivocally.

But I’m not sure where I fit into that goodness? What am I doing or achieving? How am I contributing positive meaningful change?

I have had this ‘save the whole world’ thing since before I can remember. And being sick in bed really doesn’t cut it.


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