Welcome to my blog!

I am so excited to share my creation and inner processing with you ❤


Where to start?

Firstly, I have two blogs.

Galaxy Girl is my main blog – with the most history and diverse rants.

Topics include my experiences, processing and evolving thoughts on…

  • my miscarriage grief and trying to conceive
  • narcissistic experiences [daughter of narcissist]
  • histories of sexual violence and witnessing domestic violence and psychopathy
  • significant people in my world, past and present
  • death and dying people
  • teaching, little people, education in general
  • new-age ideas / perspectives / bullshit-calling
  • random angry posts
  • yoga [love-hate relationship sometimes]
  • also ‘left-overs’ which are posts raging / processing / comprehending life and everything in between


Completely Baby is my side blog – where I blog solely about my pregnancy.

It has my

  • scan updates and
  • symptom logs
  • call out to the awesome helpful people in my world
  • random thoughts about babies, pregnancy, and the like

I know that this can be very triggering to a lot of people. My intention is that in keeping it all in one place, it is more manageable for others desperately trying for their take home baby. Please know that you all are most welcome to stop by.


Important things to know…

I use ‘and’ a lot. And I like that. And I’m not even worried about it. So side note.

I tend to have this ‘everything-flows-epically-I-am-pretty-much-a-writing-god’ thing OR it looks like I vomited words out into the either with a mix of last night’s dinner and yesterday’s tears. There isn’t any pattern or predictability about which is which… unfortunately it’s touch-and-go whilst reading sometimes 🙂

I tend to be incredibly romantic – where everything is entirely and completely perfect. OR completely raging at every single micron of existence. Also touch-and-go reading 😀

Also a pretty good disclaimer, that I’m pretty proud of can be found here. Please do have a feel around and see if this is the right space for you to engage with. Remembering that you need to look after you, first, foremost and always.


So welcome!

I look forward to sharing my world with you ❤


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