Who is Galaxy Girl?

< why this blog name? >

This is a really deep and personal question – without meaning for it to be.

So. This is more complicated to explain than I had anticipated!


Puzzle piece #1

I read a wonderfully profound book,

The Afterlife of Billy Fingers by Annie Kagan.

Ohmygoodness I adore this book! Get this book!

If you like hopeful stories, or stories about deep endearing sibling love, or about perceptions being different, or about angels and dying and the ‘other side’. If you like spirits and love, read this book!

I spoke about an awe-inspiring experience I had as a result of reading this about 7-8 months ago, here. It really was a special gift!

*spoiler* In this book, Billy talks about becoming the universe.
And there is something about that, that was so freeing, and liberating.


Puzzle Piece #2

I had had a deeply moving experience whilst processing a diagnosis of sorts.

There was an element of absolute perfection in this experience for me. From detailing the diagnosis, to processing the self shame / doubt / guilt etc, to deeply feeling all the conflicting emotions. And finally to coming to a space of love and gratitude. I documented it here.

A few days later I had a channelling done with someone I completely trust and adore. At the time it was a particularly brutal channelling – in that it brought up a lot of powerful things.

Something else happened, that was new… the channeller, channelled one of my people.

Most people that work with gifts or entities or energies or such have their ‘people’ – the people that give them the information to interpret, to say and to share. I imagine it as if we’re blobs of play dough. On our time on earth we split our blob of play dough into two. Some stays on the ‘other side’ and some is us, here. The part that stays on the other side can chat with other blobs of play dough and moosh and such (I image: full disclaimer, this makes sense in my head 🙂 ). These blobs have a wider perspective, with more wisdom and such. So it makes sense that a channeller would channel their own blob, or a blob that is familiar to them. Lee Carrol channels the ‘Kryon’ blob. Rebecca Dawson channels Germaine, Serapis Bay etc. Both of whom are phenomenal people! I have had the privilege of seeing both of them in person – wonderful!!

What was amazing, was that on this occasion (never happened before, and never happened since), was that this channeller channelled my blob.

And I remember after, when she was saying that it was one of my people, she said that she looked down and could see the entire galaxy.

My blob is a galaxy! A whole entire galaxy.
I think… I could be remembering that wrong 😀

I don’t think that that is particularly special – I think everyone’s blob is insurmountably wise and profound and literally enlightened. I think everyone’s blobs are galaxies. 

But it linked to the profound-ness of Puzzle Piece 1. It meant a lot that my blob was interpreted as some form of a galaxy. So the galaxy thing stuck.




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