Why I needed to both see and not-see that miscarriage on TV.

My husband and I have a regular Netflix and Hang-out date night thing going on. It sounds like the usual Netflix and Chill thing, without the need to be dressed up or groomed in any way. We regularly watch relatively un-offending series with great passion and dedication. It's our relationship's specialty. And as a result we look … Continue reading Why I needed to both see and not-see that miscarriage on TV.


I am under no obligation to make sense to you

Please don't get me wrong. I love that you are here. I am excited, and I invite you to witness and engage as you feel so drawn to do. But I am drawing the line at what is my responsibility, and what is yours. My intention This blog is about owning and honouring myself. Deeply and … Continue reading I am under no obligation to make sense to you

the not-so-good day

I can't today. And I don't know why. Shall we blame the anxiety, or the overwhelm? Shall we blame the journey, or the dates? Shall we blame perceptions, or the lack of innate knowing? I just think that something to blame would make this a bit easier right now. And I don't know what that … Continue reading the not-so-good day

Making space. Literally.

I just folded Baby's little jumpsuit. And I put the bibs in the draw underneath. I threw out the tissue paper I had wrapped them in, when I gave them to my husband. I kept the gift bag though.   I hadn't touched them since I had hidden them away. After probably a month of … Continue reading Making space. Literally.

Coffee Shop Catch Up

"So what's going on?" You innocently ask with an effortless smile. Pregnancies, and miscarriages, and periods, and two-week-wait-periods. This is what I really want to tell you about. This world that I didn't know existed. A world of secret hoping, secret wishing, secret tracking, and most tragically, secret grieving. I want to tell you about … Continue reading Coffee Shop Catch Up