My baby, and your baby’s funeral. 

My niece (cousin), my gorgeous, innocent, angelic, 9 year old niece, is taking her last​breaths. And it is that once in a life time thing that you wish you never experience. You hope you never understand this. Because this is paradigm shifting. In what world is it fair, or even just ok for a lively, … Continue reading My baby, and your baby’s funeral. 

the not-so-good day

I can't today. And I don't know why. Shall we blame the anxiety, or the overwhelm? Shall we blame the journey, or the dates? Shall we blame perceptions, or the lack of innate knowing? I just think that something to blame would make this a bit easier right now. And I don't know what that … Continue reading the not-so-good day

Making space. Literally.

I just folded Baby's little jumpsuit. And I put the bibs in the draw underneath. I threw out the tissue paper I had wrapped them in, when I gave them to my husband. I kept the gift bag though.   I hadn't touched them since I had hidden them away. After probably a month of … Continue reading Making space. Literally.

Spirits and Books and books-about-spirits.

I have this voodoo thingy where I don't talk about good stuff that is happening until after they've come to fruition... It's totally a reference to nm and such conditioning... but maybe it's time to step through that discomfort. So here goes. TTC I am totally trying - trying... like full hard out Trying-To-Conceive. After a … Continue reading Spirits and Books and books-about-spirits.

 just a dream …

I feel weird stabbing pain just at writing that title. Just a dream... That's what it is starting to feel like. Or actually that's what the sudden realisation that I just had - is about. *Cue eye leakage* I don't remember what it was like to be pregnant anymore. I don't remember the thoughts about … Continue reading  just a dream …