My baby, and your baby’s funeral. 

My niece (cousin), my gorgeous, innocent, angelic, 9 year old niece, is taking her last​breaths. And it is that once in a life time thing that you wish you never experience. You hope you never understand this. Because this is paradigm shifting. In what world is it fair, or even just ok for a lively, … Continue reading My baby, and your baby’s funeral. 


The inaptitude of coffins.

So since the spreading of my Nanna's ashes, funerals, coffins, and death came up in a big way. I've always been a bit interested in death. And decently obsessed with my own. Not in a weird way. You know, the other not-weird way hahahaha Funerals fascinate me. Coffins perplex me! How can someone even fit into … Continue reading The inaptitude of coffins.