Sunday thoughts, and saving the world

I feel this massive, irrational and unexplainably urgent urge to complete change the whole system. I get frustrated when I haven't accomplished... like... world peace... by 4pm on a Sunday. Like, I don't think the world is working how it is. I think there is SO much pain. And so much devastation. I imagine it as if the … Continue reading Sunday thoughts, and saving the world

Things that I love

I *LOVE* coincidences and weird mind bending stories. I love reading books about angels and visitations and dead-people-messages. I love hearing about miracles. I love them because I don't believe in coincidences, so for me, they are just little snippets of wonder fluttering around in the ether. I *LOVE* that I have two incredibly special … Continue reading Things that I love

Lonliness and connection

I want to start this by stating very clearly that I have the world's most amazing husband. He is so ridiculously supportive, indulgently hilarious, incredibly heart warming and just a general-all-round-nice-guy. This is not about that. This loneliness thing goes deeper than that. Which seems to be a pretty rude / mean thing to say! I … Continue reading Lonliness and connection